Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Want a work from home job? Lets get one NOW!!

I am employeed with a company name Alpineaccess. I love it! Great Benefits and training. You are a employee instead of a subcontractor. There are no out of pocket fees except for your background/credit check which is currently 45.00. Based on your work experience they match you with job that your are familiar with doing which is great because I dislike scanning through pages and pages on job sites. If you are instrested go to Alpineaccess at https://alpineaccessjobs.com/recruiting/reg/login/?next=/recruiting/. Hey and don't forget to let me know if you applied , or need help so let me know in the comments below. I am one click away! Have a great one.  Below is a great link that gives you more info, with Dr. Drew.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Want a job?

While the job market has took a terrible turn. Most think that going back to school is the remedy, it’s not. Actually the Government is going into deeper debt taking out money to give to citizen to go back to school. That’s were Tech schools are banking. These fast train tech schools are taking your money and promising career assistance. I am one that thought this investment would help instead left out in the cold with no job just another debt added to my credit. I personally have gone to school for Medical Assisting Certification because I thought the medical field would be exactly what I needed. Yes, it has well paid careers and always growing. But you will end up taking a course that was a trend and is no longer.  Just like fashion what is now, won’t be in in a couple of months, because positions are filling after signing back up for school and taking on another certification for the medical field. I say to myself be education really the fix for this economy has most experts have said. No, and that’s coming from a current student of my not second but third school. Trust me; you’re like a number when it comes to Tech schools after you it’s on to the next one. This is coming from an actual student who thought it was a great investment and became a debt. If want work and want it now, not in two years when the career you are going to school for actual opens. The jobs are in work at home industry.  Yes that’s right.  Surprisingly enough providing a computer, Internet, and a telephone line would be better than sending people to school. Most companies have turned to offering 70% of jobs to working at home agents.  I have worked for a couple of works at home jobs and there has been quite a big turnaround. One great company is Arise; I have been amazed at how many jobs pop up on a daily basis. You are you own boss and own your own company. There were recently viewed on Good Morning America
Arise seen on Good Morning America